Deana Sparkles


Deana grew up on the Wirral her Mother and Father were both a big influence

on her music, singing at the family home and being inspired by the vocals of Johnny Cash,

Elvis, Billie Jo Spears and Buddy Holly. Deana regular played her flute and performed

in a orchestra playing along with other members. she started her career in many

different jobs to make ends meet  but still had love for music singing everyday

At the age of 18 Deana was in a major car accident were she nearly lost her life after

spending many years recovering from this horrific event, her perspective on life changed

she decided to take a new route on the musical she embarked

towards being a Disc Jockey.

Deana wanted people to enjoy there life realising it can be cut short at any moment

and started a mobile DJ business, building her skills

and knowledge with her love for music so she could play  music

for special events and occasionally singing herself. Deana is currently growing

her DJ business and singing as a solo artist more and more and has DJ'd along side with

many bands / solo acts like Fire, Robbie Williams Tributes,

Elvis Tributes, Chris Maloney.....and many more.


Deana is now forming her solo singing career: "I understand my sound and how I want to be

perceived as a singer, realising that making music isn't just about singing

your heart out, its about giving people that special message and touching their hearts" 

Deana is now choosing to lean towards a wider array of sounds and styles and building

on Singing & songwriting Deana also had her own radio show on New Brighton Radio

called The Country Show


I look forward to chatting with you and singing some fabulous songs for you very soon"