Updated: Oct 8, 2020

1. Main Chorus

Firstly I start with what to write about, I think of a special moment, event, theme whatever I feel

that may inspire me, then I start with the main chorus and once I get the hook I progress with the rest of the song.

2. Choose a song structure.

My next step is I choose a song structure like verse/ chorus / verse /chorus / bridge / chorus. sometimes I pop in a pre chorus to build anticipation emotion for the listener.

3. Find a Melody

Now its time to find a melody! I sing out loud lots of lyrics and find a nice melody that fits the feel of the song mainly focusing on the chorus because I want to create lots of emotion. Then I add the chord progressions and build on the song from there.

4. Building Further

Now that I know how my chorus melody and chords feel

I then build on my verses and the transitions between each verse and chorus, I focus alot of this time in my Daw, and playing keys and guitar.

5. Record My Song

Recording is a fun part, I now do a simple record like an unplugged version and when I feel happy with the instrumental and vocal and they are together I then

record a rough demo.

6. Recording the Final Song & Mastering

This is when I record the final version of my song and enter the very long hard process of mastering and applying all the finishing touches to my song so that it sounds even better like maximizing loudness, balancing fequencies and stereo widening.

7. Wrapping Up

So when I am 100% happy that my song sounds how I want it to sound,

I then make a final copy and make some digital mp3's for you lovely people to listen to ...

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